Some Useful Word Choices That Can Change Mindset & Behavior

Words play a big role in communicating one’s feelings and also in expressing what one believes. What is rarely known is the fact that the words we choose and use also play a big role in shaping our feelings and beliefs, including inspirational quotes. It can also affect our behavior and the way we do things. However, what is the reason behind this phenomenon?

Here are 5 helpful ways to achieve that goal:

1. When faced with a challenge, try adding the simple phrase “..but I’ll try”. The key is in the word ‘I will’. The best part about using the word ‘I’ll try” is that you never fail! Think about it, if you “try” and it works, great! But if you “try” and it doesn’t work, that’s okay too because you TRY!

2. When you make a mistake, instead of focusing on results that don’t match your expectations, have you tried asking yourself “What can you learn from this experience? Asking yourself this question can help you to reflect on yourself. After you reflect on the experience, you can take that lesson as a provision to develop yourself even better in the future.

3. Replace “I give up” with “I’ll try a different strategy”. Rather than frustration, which can push you to give up, when faced with a difficult situation it is best to think about other ways to deal with the situation. It will also help in self-improvement.

4. Instead of saying “Plan A didn’t work,” try saying, “There’s always a plan B, C, D, E, F…. “. People often think there is always one smooth road to success, but that’s not necessarily true. It is undeniable that to achieve something there must be many different ways to achieve it. But each path will have many different obstacles. So if your original plan fails, choose another path. Let your mind believe that you have tried a lot to be successful just by choosing the right words. Once you choose to use a negative connotation, your mind may stop working on it.

5. The power of the word ‘not yet’. Suppose you are faced with an algebraic problem that seems difficult to solve and your response is, “I can’t do this!”. This time, try adding not yet at the end of the sentence. Do you feel more hopeful? That’s the power of the word ‘not yet’. The definition shows hope.