How To Take Care Of The Sink

Sink including the part of the kitchen that is most prone to dirty. All washing activities, from raw materials to dirty dishes, are carried out in this place. If not treated, the sink will smell and it can even be damaged. Well, here are some tips on caring from los angeles plumbers for the sink to avoid rust.

1. Garbage
Dispose of the garbage collected in the sink strainer, then wash the filter until it is clean. Garbage that has accumulated can be the beginning of the appearance of dirt that sticks to it and becomes rust.

2. Wash Routine
Dissolve laundry soap and then wet the sponge with the solution. Then scrub the sink with the sponge. You can choose a foam sponge or a sponge made of stainless. Do the washing after each use.

3. Clean Thoroughly
When cleaning the sink, don’t forget to clean the corners and taps as well, this is where regular dirt builds up.

4. Baking Soda
If the sink is already rusted, you can take advantage of baking soda. Mix together water and baking soda to make it a paste. Then apply the paste to the rusty surface and scrub with a harsh material, such as a stainless sponge. After scrubbing, apply the paste again and repeat a few times until the rust disappears.

When dirty water flows every day, the pipe walls will get slippery from day-to-day. To get rid of the “oil” on the walls of the pipe, you can simply use liquid detergent and hot water. The complete steps you can take are as follows. Bring 2 liters of water (8 cups of water) to a boil using a basin or pan. Add 3 tablespoons (45 ml) of liquid dish soap in boiling water. Then turn off the stove and bring the boiling water and soap mixture to the sink you want to clean.

Pour the boiling soapy water down the drain in your sink. If your sink pipe is made of stainless, you can simply pour in the water while it is boiling. However, if your sink pipe type is PVC, you should first cool the water for 4 to 5 minutes before pouring it.