Commemorating Easter Day in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic  

Easter is believed to be the day of Christ’s resurrection from the dead and this year, Easter falls on April 4, 2021. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic situation, there are several ways to celebrate Easter, for example by attending mass online, buying Easter necessities online, and even Virtual Easter egg hunt. You can also buy easter gift hampers.

1. Join online church services
The COVID-19 pandemic that has occurred in almost all of the world will certainly not stop churches from celebrating Easter with their congregations. One of them is by opening an online church service and this method will help to stay connected with many people, even though the church still has to adapt. Ideally we will all be together physically even though it is still in a pandemic atmosphere, so an online meeting will be held.

2. Order Easter baskets through a home business or create your own
The pandemic certainly has an impact on many sectors, especially the economic sector, such as home businesses or small businesses that have lost customers. Easter moments can be a way to help others, including taking advantage of a home business that produces Easter baskets. Ordering Easter baskets or ordering egg coloring equipment to other Easter basket fillings at small businesses is one way to help residents affected by Corona.

3. Hunt for Easter Eggs at Home with the Family
Easter egg hunting is a unique and interesting tradition in Easter celebrations. Every Easter, children are usually invited to decorate eggs into various colors and are invited to hunt for Easter eggs. According to belief, the egg can protect the family, ward off evil, and ensure a sign of the return of spring. During the Pandemic, you can still get creative with Easter egg hunts. Invite the children to participate in the egg hunt with about 10 family members.