Get To Know What Are The Most Used Bass Guitar Effects

A professional guitarist certainly has very reliable guitar-playing skills. But when playing on stage, playing the guitar is not enough. Therefore, we need a device that can be used to make the atmosphere more lively. This device is called the guitar effect. One that is often used is the bass envelope filter.

Just like a guitarist, a bassist who plays on stage also needs a bass guitar effect so that the sound of the bass guitar they use and play is more pleasant to hear and follow the character of the song being sung. With bass guitar effects, the atmosphere of the music will be more lively.

If during a gig or while in the recording room you see many rows of pedals lined up in front of a bassist, that’s what is called a bass guitar effect. This device is needed for various genres of music, from dangdut to heavy metal. If you want to know what types of bass guitar effects are most often used, let’s read the article below!

When asked what effect bass guitar really must have and use by bassists when performing or recording is the compressor. This bass guitar effect is very useful as an initial effect for the bassist’s bass signal before moving on to the next series of signals or effects.

The compressor also functions to maintain the stability of the sound output from the bass. The compressor setting itself is done by setting the release, ratio, threshold, and attach, according to the bass game you want to play (as a bassist).

Therefore, the compressor settings are still somewhat different from one individual to another because everyone has a different bass playing technique, both with fingering techniques, using slap or pick, and others. There are many special bass compressor pedals on the market. If you are interested, before buying, read reviews on the internet about which compressor you want to buy.

Another bass guitar effect that is no less popular among bassists is the chorus. This bass guitar effect will give a deeper feel to the music by adding various other notes around the original notes. In the era of Hard Rock music, namely the 1980s, the chorus effect was widely used by bassists for rhythm.

Envelope Filter
This is a bass guitar effect that is also most often used in bass playing. Usually, the effect that produces a “pow” sound is used by bassists who play music with a disco or funk flow.