Yacht Cruise On Mallorca Offer Great Cruising Experience

Do you need a cruise excursion in Mallorca and Menorca? Then you’re in luck. The beautiful islands have many harbors and harbors to cater to their enthusiastic boaters from around the world. For example, Menorca has the port of Mahón. The largest city and capital of the island. On the other hand, Mallorca has the port city of Palma to offer. The places are rich in subculture, tradition and history. They were occupied by the United Kingdom in 1708 and by France in 1782. However, the Treaty of Amiens in 1802 formalized the change in the reputation of Mallorca and Menorca as Spanish colonies. Today, however, the two islands still have the flavor of Britain and France. A elegant yachts charter and Menorca is not complete without the side trip. If you are an avid chicken lover, the island of Mallorca is perfect for you.

Every year many birds flock to Mallorca to nest and migrate. There are also numerous species of birds that already live on the island. These include the Marmora Warbler, Owls, Mustache Warbler, Audouin’s Gull, Eleonora’s Falcon, and Black Vulture. These birds are considered rare and could be more useful. observed in Spain. Around 200 species of birds call the island home. The best region for bird watching is Puerto Pollensa. This is because it is close to the Albufuera swamp. In addition to Puerto Pollensa, the northernmost town of Mallorca and the sea cliffs of Formentor are also ideal for hen parties.

However, if you want to take your bachelor party towards the island’s capital, you can also try the Boquer Valley. For bird watchers wishing to travel to Mallorca, Puerto Pollensa is the ideal base as it is miles from the Albufuera reservoir. , the mountains in the north of the island and the sea cliffs of Formentor. There are also numerous excellent inland birding sites within easy reach of the metropolis, including the Boquer Valley, famous for migrants. If you visit at any time during the spring migration season (particularly mid-April to mid-May) you will meet a wide variety of birders and receive many records of what is going on. Along with Andratx, Pollensa and Alcudia, Mallorca has many sheltered coves and quality ports that are worth visiting.

The coast of the ‘calas’ (‘coves’) can be seen on the southeast coast of Mallorca. This consists of Porto Colom, the fine herbal port and mallorca yacht charter and probably all the Balearic Islands. Or head to the Cabrera Island Nature Reserve (you need a special permit for this), then sail to the east coast of Mallorca and sail to Menorca where you can cruise. to the high quality port of Mahon.Ibiza and Formentera are just a day’s sailing away. Ibiza metropolis offers subculture and exceptional nightlife, in contrast to the nearby island of Formentera with its comfortable atmosphere and enchanting beaches.